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Its Snowing!

We were very excited to wake up to snow today! Ben has only seen snow fall high in the mountains in New Zealand and I haven’t seen it anywhere outside of the UK so we got a real kick out of seeing the snow blanketing everything. The snow is due to the effects of the polar vortex, this has caused strong winds and very cold wind chills (there is currently a
Arctic Outflow Warning in place), though it’s only been mild in comparison in lower B.C – the current temperature is currently -1° and is likely to drop to -7° overnight.

The weather makes quite a difference to the landscape! Luckily like many other cold weather countries, homes in Canada have central heating as standard and we have lots of layers in case. We’ll keep our walks with the dogs short and entertain them with some indoor activities – we also bought groceries in yesterday so we’re staying close to home for now.

Come Tuesday it’s was sunny so we got out for another pre-work snowboard session in the fresh powder at Cypress Mountain!

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Oh Canada!

We are off on our first THS house sitting adventure today, we’ll fly from Melbourne to Los Angeles with Virgin, then we’ll connect through to Vancouver with Air Canada. It’s a 14.5 hour flight first up then a 5 hour layover and another few hours to our destination (Oh how I wish we were flying … Continue reading Oh Canada!